What a crowd we had! Not sure if it was the Richmond supporters coming out of the wood work or maybe it was the Demons win that got some excited they needed to celebrate while they can! Either way it was a great night with parents enjoying the new lay out, the kids loving the space to run around with their footy mates and everyone loving the new dinner menu!

Tim Shearer, President of Old Scotch Football Club kicked off the event with an address to all about the pathways program available for our girls and boys junior players into senior footy at Old Scotch FC and the relationship between Sharks and Old Scotch.

Jonathan Brown (great Sharks dad and ex Brisbane Lions) kept parents and children engaged with a cracker interview with Shaun Grigg (Richmond). Shaun Grigg was great in his responses on sports he played as a kid, what he loved about footy as a junior and how he got to running out with Richmond FC. Great role model for all our junior players!

It was also great to have Shaun Grigg there to give out the awards for the night – the celebration of our 100 and 50 game players, a special announcement of our YJFL representative players and of course the team monthly medal winners.

Congratulations to all those below:

YJFL Representatives
Under 15 Girls: Mia Danaher, Jorja Jackson, Caitlin Matthews
Under 14 Boys: Sam Nehme (Captain) and Zane Harrington
Under 13 Boys: Ari Azzopardi, Isaac Ellwood, Nic Graves, Lachie Harker, Pat Moore, Sam Stone, Hunter Warren

100 Game Awards: Nicholas McKay, Alec Harriss

50 Game Awards: Austin Stuart, Harrison Warren-Smith, Thomas Rush, Eddie McCorkell, Isaac Yarnall, Charlie Pickett, Archie Kuflik, Edward Lee, Hugh Williams

Team Monthly Medals:

U8 Edgely – Jacob Meaney

U8 Bainbridge – Kingsley Turinui

U8 Rutten – Luke Haggart

U9 Ross – Will McInnes

U9 Tonkin – Dylan Reynolds

U9 Gillon – Campbell Blake

U10 (Girls) Hoops – Chloe Carnell

U10 Lefoe – James Palangio

U10 Richardson – Joe Efthimiou

U10 Rutten – Jake Taylor

U10 Meaney –

U11 (Girls) Fergusson – Lucinda Hanrahan

U11 Hind – Jonno Mayes

U11 Yarnall – Murdoch Mitchell

U11 Chapman – Joshua Triplett

U11 Jacobson – Lachie Jacobson

U12 Knight – Tom Rinehart-Beer

U12 Williams – James Curwen

U13 (Girls) McDonnell – Amelia St Leger

U13 Hewitt – Bowen Hilton

U13 Zietsman – Hugo Connolly

U14 Horsey – James Horsey

U15 Palmer – Patrick Blew

U16 (Girls) Matthews – Sophie Laukens

Youth Girls Hooper – Bella Griffin

Colts Bateman – Daniel Horsey

For more details of each of the Monthly medals awarded click on the button below

Jonathan Brown interviews Toby Wooller (Brisbane Lions) ex Sharks boy!
Sunday June 17 (early this month so make sure its in your diary!)

17th June - Monthly Medal
Sharks Girls Footy Hits SMASH FM