Girls Footy

The Camberwell Sharks are focussed on ensuring we provide a great environment for all our players. We have paid coaches to assist with the girls development, we have AFLW players attend and take training and also AFLW players as guests as a part of our Monthly Medal Nights. The Camberwell Sharks are pleased to announce we are about to engage a person to solely focus on the development of girls football at the Sharks.

Coach the Coaches

The Camberwell Sharks employ ex AFL player and coach Barry Mitchel (Hawthorn star Tom Mitchell’s Dad) to assist in coaching our coaches. This is to ensure that all our coaches are educated in the best ways to coach our players.  Our coaches often receive compliments from kids and parents and our high standards are something of which the whole club can be proud.

Monthly Medal nights

Each month during the season we have a monthly medal night, which always includes a current AFL or AFLW player as a guest speaker. Along with this we also present winners from each team as the monthly medal winner, and recognise any player or volunteer who has achieved milestones with the club.  There’s a great sense of team spirit at these events.

Dom Tyson Academy

With top Melbourne midfielder Dom Tyson being an ex Camberwell Sharks player, we run a special academy for all our award winners over the last 2 years, for a 6 week period. This is to help further advance their football skills and create friendships across the under 12s to under 15s age groups. The Academy players are coached by Barry Mitchel, with Dom himself attending often.

S.A.L.T (Sport and Life Training)

Positive Investment in our coaches and kids in the older age groups.

The focus in the SALT session is on developing positive relationships in order to help our kids do their best.   Our U15s and Colts are educated on the very real issues around drugs and alcohol.  The coaching sessions aim to give them tools to deal with challenging situations which may arise in their social networks outside of the football club.

The U16 Girls session “Strong is the New Pretty” is all about empowering girls to challenge the definition of what it means to be a girl.  Girls are encouraged to identify their strengths, so they can use their strengths to become the absolute best version of themselves on and off the field.

Everyone benefits from a supportive team environment and positive culture.  We’d like to think we are more than just a junior football club and we try to give our more senior kids a thoughtful and encouraging environment in which to develop their life skills.

School Holiday Programme\ Pre Season programmes

This year the Camberwell Sharks in conjunction with Barry Mitchell are completing a number of different programmes to assist in our players development. This includes school holiday programmes and preseason programmes.  These have proved very popular and we anticipate more in 2018!

Trained Medics

The health and wellbeing of our players is of the utmost importance, which is why the Camberwell Sharks are one of only a few clubs that have a trained medic on duty all day during games at our home ground. This is also to assist if a member of a visiting club is injured.  These are kind and dedicated people and the kids appreciate their presence very much.

Umpire Training programme

The Camberwell Sharks has an Umpires coordinator to ensure all kids that umpire at junior levels have a minimum understanding of how to umpire to ensure a fair and encouraging game for all.  Naturally ongoing training takes place, and many of these kids go on to be very skilled.

Free Kicking Lessons

During the seasons our valued club stalwart Jacko runs a free kicking session every Monday night. This is for kids of all ages, to really focus on improving their kicking ability, and is often attended by 40 or more kids!

It’s Fun!

The Camberwell Sharks have many other great policies to ensure the enjoyment, teaching, support and retention of players and volunteers of all ages. Please feel free to review these policies on the website.  Everyone is welcome at the Sharks, so please get in touch and come and join the fun.

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