Two big nights a success at Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club with Season Launch and our first Monthly Medal Night.


What a great night to bring in the 2018 Season.  With Round 1 games done and dusted, it was time to relax and enjoy a quiet ale and great meal by Mocha Monkey and Mimi’s Pizza and Pasta all in good company with the Sharks community.

Guest speaker Josh Frydenberg, Member for Kooyong and Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy, was able to open our new scoreboard on the upper oval having received a grant from the Turnbull Government towards the cost of the Scoreboard.

It was also a time to thank two valuable people in our Sharks Community who have dedicated many years helping build Sharks into the Club it is today. Sophie Roddam and Gary “Jacko” Jackson who were both officially appointed “Club Legends”.

Sophie Roddam for her outstanding time at the Club with eight years on the committee, Treasurer for three years, President for two years and completed many other tasks along the way even running the boundary many times!

Gary “Jacko” Jackson for his continual time at the Club over many years from Coaching, Football Operations, Ground Marking, Driver of the infamous Dad’s Lunch and of course the one and only Jacko’s Kicking Clinic!

The Club survives on the hard work and dedication of people just like Sophie and Jacko, and we thank them all for making the Sharks Footy Club more than just about Football.


With a beautiful Autumn afternoon, we saw the first of the Monthly medals a huge success with the roll out of tables and chairs outside, many could sit back and enjoy quiet drink as they watch the sun go down over Lynden Park before heading inside for the formalities of the evening.  A special thank you to Bailey Dale, AFL Western Bulldogs who was there to address the crowd and give out the awards for the night – the celebration of our 100 and 50 game players, a special announcement of Ed Chards honourable Anzac Day Cup award and of course the team monthly medal winners.

Congratulations to all those below:

100 Game Awards: Thomas Horton, Samuel Nehme, Alex Noblet, Henry Thomas

50 Game Awards: Benjamin Ley, Samuel Mazzei, Thomas Rush

Ed Chard – recipient of the Anzac Day John Yorston Best & Fairest Medal at the East Malvern RSL Anzac Day Cup

Team Monthly Medals:

U8 Edgely – Ashley Jones

U8 Bainbridge – Patrick Pietrzykowski

U8 Rutten – Declan McNamara

U9 Ross – Blake Harmer

U9 Tonkin – Atticus Holt

U9 Gillon – Riley Roberts

U10 (Girls) Hoops – Annabelle Mackintosh

U10 Lefoe – Xavier Lang

U10 Richardson – Josh McLaren

U10 Rutten – Austin Laureyssens

U10 Meaney – Dane Fernandez

U11 (Girls) Fergusson – Amelie Dean

U11 Hind – Chris Tsaousis

U11 Yarnall – Dilan Baycan

U11 Chapman – Jake Abela

U11 Jacobson – Ben Mabbott

U12 Knight – Oscar “Hollywood” Eberbach

U12 Williams – Austin Stuart

U13 (Girls) McDonnell – Talei Spowart

U13 Hewitt – Otto Schiffer

U13 Zietsman – Will Geremia

U14 Horsey – Archer Simpson

U15 Palmer – Ed Chard

U16 (Girls) Matthews – Mia Danaher

Youth Girls Hooper – Samreen Kaur

Colts Bateman – John Mastoras

For more details of each of the Monthly medals awarded click on the button below

Monthly Medal Winners  Sponsors Presentation

See you all at our NEXT MONTHLY MEDAL – Sunday May 27th 5:30pm




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