The rain came down, and down it came!! But that didn’t stop the turn out at our June Monthly Medal!  What great support we, as a Club, were able to show to our latest export – Toby Wooller!  Toby was kind enough to come back to his old stomping ground to meet our players and have a fun chat with Jacko and Mum and later with Browny!  Its great to see that even an AFL Star can still roll his eyes at his mum!  Even better as a parent, to get an insight into what its like as a parent of an up and coming AFL player.  So proud.

Jonathan Brown (great Sharks dad and ex Brisbane Lions) wasn’t short of keeping the laughs going as he asked Toby about life at Sharks, being drafted and that damn injured finger!  Show us your finger again Browny – wow – looks like a half open pocket knife!!!

It was also great to have Toby Wooller there to give out the awards for the night – the celebration of our 100 and 50 game players and of course the team monthly medal winners.

Congratulations to all those who played hard, listened well and continue to improve at the Club!

Jamie McMillan (North Melbourne FC) ex Sharks boy!
Sunday July 22

U10 Girls watch Hawks VFLW game!
YJFL Representative Players